Winter Carnival 09 Photos

DAY 1 Action:
Quiz Bowl:

09 Quiz Bowl

Lip Sync:

Lip Sync 09

DAY 2 Action:

Snow Shoe Race:

Snow Shoe race

Around Campus, Blind Art, Chess:

Around Campus

Tug of War Prelims:

Tug of War Prelims

Outdoor Volleyball Prelims:

Volleyball Prelims

Street Hockey:

Street Hockey Prelims

DAY 3 Action: The Finals

Check out the Around Campus photos from yesterday for updates today!

Pie Eating:

Pie Eating

Tug of War Finals:

Tug of War Finals

Ice Skating Races:

Ice Skating Races

Street Hockey Finals:

Street Hockey Finals

Volleyball Finals:

Volleyball Finals

Arm Wrestling:

Arm Wrestling

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