Winter Carnival 09 Video

Due the length and size requirements of free video uploading to YouTube, each song had to be separated and loaded individually.  Videos from events will come available as they process on YouTube.
Freshman Lip Sync

Freshman Lip Sync

Sophomores: Commercial Montage

10th Commercials

Sophomores: Elvis Skit


Juniors: The Blues Brothers Skit

Juniors Blues Brothers

Juniors: 80s Montage

Juniors 80s

Seniors: Favorites Skit

Senior Favorites

Seniors: Broadway Skit

Senior Favorites

Tug of War Prelims

Tug of War Prelims

Volleyball Prelims:

Volleyball Prelims

Street Hockey Prelims:

Street Hockey Prelims

Ice Skating Races:

Ice Skating Races

Pie Eating:

Pie Eating



Ping Pong:

Ping Pong

Arm Wrestling:

Arm Wrestling

Tug of War Finals:

Tug O War finals

Street Hockey Finals:

Street Hockey Finals